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Adinkra Symbols
Adinkra are traditional symbols that pass on the wisdom
of Ghana and West Africa.

2004 Campaign Graphic

July 6-29, 2006

On July 6th we will embark on our annual campaign and our 27th year of work in Ghana.

Campaign Group

Ted Wheeler, Venice, Florida
David Stearsman, Florida School Of Preaching
Bill Dillon, Hickory Ridge, Arkansas
Tim Simmons, Venice, Florida
Rick Kenyon, Florida School Of Preaching
Ernest Apeadu, Tema
Edward Owusu-Ansah, Kpone
Paul Addo, Ashaiman
Matilda Addo, Ashaiman
Edward Quansah, Boadua
Emmanuel Cobbinah, Takoradi
Kofi Kwakye, Takoradi
Niipaak Laar, Saboba

We will be joined in Ghana by a number of churches and brethren who will work with us in preaching the gospel, conducting the seminars and assisting in conducting the mobile clinic in Bunkpurugu. We are fortunate to have two students from the Florida School of Preaching in our group this year - David Stearsman and Rick Kenyon.

This year we will be flying British Airways through London. We will all meet up at Miami International and will fly to London Heathrow. From London we have a direct flight to Accra. We will arrive in Ghana at 8:00 pm on Friday, July 7th. (Ghana is 4 hours ahead of us here in the EST.) After our arrival at Kotoka International Airport Bill Dillon will drive to Nsawam and the rest of the group will drive to Tema.

Bill Dillon will spend the weekend working with teh church in Nsawam. Bill has been working with James Nyame and the brethren there for a number of years. He and James usually walk all over the town during the day doing personal work and follow this up with public preaching at night. Bill has also helped us with our radio work since we first went on the air and this year we are going to arrange for him to be our keynote speaker during our visit.

On Saturday, July 8, we will be spending the day in Kpone with bro. Edward Owusu-Ansah and the Kpone church. Bro. Owusu recently was able to move into his own home. We thank God for all those who have helped his family over the years.

First thing Sunday morning, Bill and I will be off with Paul Addo to preach on the church of Christ radio program. The program is on the popular Adom FM from 5:30-6:00 every Lord’s Day. This program reaches millions of people throughout Ghana. This has encouraged hundreds and hundreds of people to visit churches of Christ in their area—many of which have subsequently learned the truth and have been baptized into Christ. The program is now carried on 11 affiliate stations throughout Ghana and w stations in the UK. With the expanded coverage the cost of our new contract in Ghana for the radio program has increased from $5,200/year to $10,400/year. Therefore we are needing $5,200 to finish up our current year and will have to raise the additional $100/week to keep the program on the air.

Following the radio program we will divide our group up and worship with a number of churches in and around Tema: Accra Rd, Kpone, Haana & Dawhenya. Bill will drive back and preach for the church in Nsawam. The Accra Rd. church was started back in 1982 and the Kpone church began meeting in 1985. Since that time the Kpone church has established the churches in Haana and Dawhenya. Sunday night we will again visit area churches. (Note: on Monday, May 15, a strong thunderstom hit the Tema area and blew some of the roof off the Haana church building. We are now waiting for an assessment to repair the damage.)

Monday, July 10, we will begin our trip to the Northern Region. This year we will be renting a small bus for our campaign group the supplies we will need while in the north (food; medicines, equipment, etc.). It is a hard 12 hr trip from Tema on the coast to Yendi in the Northern Region. We will spend the night in Yendi.

Tuesday, July 11, we will drive from Yendi to Bunkpurugu (@ 85 miles & 3 1/2 hrs driving). We will spend the next several days in Bunkpurugu working in surrounding areas. Tuesday evening we will meet with the Gbetimongpaak church. This is the church we established during our visit in 2004. There are now 4 congregations meeting in the area with over 400 being baptized in the last two years.

Tentative Campaign Schedule

July 6 Depart USA
July 7 Arrive in Accra, Ghana—Drive to Tema
July 8 Kpone

July 9 Worship at Accra Rd., Kpone, Dawhenya, Haana &
Nsawam * Radio Program, 5:30-6:00 am
June 10 Travel: Tema to Yendi (@12 hrs)
July 11 Yendi to Bunkpurugu (@3 1/2 hrs)
PM: Preaching at Gbetimong
July 12-15 1st Bunkpurugu District Seminar for area churches
* 7-11pm ... Public Preaching in surrounding villages

July 16
AM: Joint Worship at Gbetimong followed by a
Mobile Clinic - PM Public Preaching @ Bunkpurugu
July 17 Preaching @ Bunkpurugu
July 18 Travel: Bunkpurugu to Saboba
* 7-11pm ... Public Preaching
July 19 Travel: Saboba to Mole (@ 11 hrs)
July 20 Mole
July 21 Travel: Mole to Kade, Eastern Region (@ 10 hrs)
July 22 Kade Seminar for area churches

July 23 AM/PM Preaching in Kade, Boadua, Adankrono, s
Abaam * Radio Program, 5:30-6:00 am
July 24 Travel: Kade to Elmina to Tema
July 25 Tema
July 26 Depart Ghana
July 27 Arrive London
July 28 London
July 29 Depart London & Arrive in USA

Wednesday - Saturday, July 12-15, from 8 am - 4 pm, we will be conducting a 4 day seminar to strengthen the church and its leadership. During the seminar we will be discussing: The Story of Jesus (Study of Jesus in the Gospels); The Kingdom of God & The Worship of the Church. Christians will be coming from as far as 20 miles away and attendance is expected to top 600 per day. These creates a lot of challenges in a village setting: accomodations, meals, etc. This will be our first district seminar and are looking forward to the time of study and fellowship.

Each day, after are studies in the seminar are finsihed for the day, we will take a little break and eat our evening meal. Each evening from 7-11 pm we will be conducting public preaching in nearby villages. We have had a number of community leaders invite us to come and "preach Jesus" to their people. This year we are going to try and honor as many of these invitations as we can. We ask that you especially remember this aspect of our work in your prayers.

On Sunday, July 16, we will close the seminar with a joint worship service in Gbetimong. Following the morning service we will be conducting a free mobile clinic. Lsat year we conducted three and treated over 1000 people. On Sunday and Monday night, we will do public preaching in the main town of Bunkpurugu itself.

We will also be visiting a few of the local chiefs to check on acquiring some property for the church and followup on some work that we have been doing to help various communities get well drilled. (Note: there are hundreds of villages in northern Ghana without safe drinking water. For $3800 we can provide a community with pure safe water to drink.)

Tuseday we will leave Bunkpurugu and drive to Saboba where bro. Niipaak and his family live and worship. We will meet with the church in the evening and sleep there. On Wednesday, we will will have another long day of travel and will drive from Saboba to Mole (@ 11 hrs). We will spend two nights here and on Friday morning we will get up early and drive to Kade, Eastern Region (@ 10 hrs).

On Saturday, July 22, we will conduct a 1-day seminar for area churches. On Sunday, we will divide ourselves up and preach for the churches in Kade, Boadua, Adankrono & Abaam. We have many faithful brethren in this area: Edward Quansah, Issac Adjei, Gideon Osei-Dabo, Martin Oppong, Daniel Owusu & Foster Asiamah to mention a few. On Monday, we will drive from Kade to Elmina (a slave fort on the coast) before driving back to Tema later that evening. On Tuesday, we take the group into Accra for some shopping and then get ready for our departure the following day. On Wednesday night we will fly out of Ghana and will land in London the following day. We have a one day lay-over in London. During that time we will try and visit the British Museum and Library. On Saturday, July 29, we will leave London and fly back to the States.

We would like to thank all who have encouraged and supported us in this work. We ask for your prayers that we may preach the message of the cross with all boldness and that God may be glorified in all things.

Ted Wheeler
Church of Christ of Venice
4301 SR 776
Venice, FL 34293

This report will be updated soon. We are still in the process of moving and updating files.

Supporting Churches

East Main Church of Christ, Barnesville, OH
Mission Bend Church of Christ, Houston, TX
Church of Christ, Mountain Home, AR
Ocoee Church of Christ, Ocoee FL
Orange St. Church of Christ, Auburndale, FL
Cary Church of Christ, Cary, NC
Church of Christ, Venice, FL

"Thank you", to all who encourage us, pray for us and support us in this work. As we work together - it is my prayer that God will bless our efforts richly to His glory and the saving of many souls.