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Four years ago, following our campaign in Bunkpurugu, there was an orphaned girl who said she wanted to learn tp be a seamstress but we didn't have money to buy a sewing machine. through your assistance we were able to helpbuy the sewing machine for her.

The good news is that, the girl graduated successfully and was given her working certificate on Saturday, February 7, 2009. She has also recently been engaged to a christian brother in the Gmetmonpaak church, Bunkpurugu District. Not that she has completed her training and graduated they are planning to marry any moment from now.

With your assistance, a smile has been put on the face of this orphan girl. She now has had a trade to take care of herself and will also be able to sharewith others in need.

As I always told you, the charity funds and other needs you have been sponsoring is doing alot of good to the glory of God. It is difficult and costly to do good, but it is much rewarding and if we do at the end, you will see your life looking meaningful and fulfilled and the Lord's blessing will surely follow. Niipaak

Brother Niipaak Laar attended her "passing out party" (graduation) and sent the following pictures: