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Food AidThis section of the site is currently being updated and will contain news about Ghana.

Ghana, like everywhere else in the world, has had to deal with the current economic crisis. This has raised fuel prices in-country, and subsequently just about everything else. Ghana's currency which has been basically stable since the change to the new cedi - has recently been devalued against the dollar and pound sterling.

In 2008, we were able to send considerable aid to help people in northern Ghana recover from flooding which destroyed many homes, infrastructure and most of the crops. A number of communities were helped with food, blankets, buckets and other needed supplies. We were also able to help rebuild the church buildings at Nanyiar and Tojing - both were completed destroyed by the flooding. These building also provided temporary shelter for some. While much of the areas have now recovered from the flood and draught - there are still some that areas that have not fully recoverd. We will be posting this information along with photos in the near the future.

Check back soon for current news and updates.