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239,703 Left Homeless 1
57 killed in Floods 1
32,465 Houses Destroyed1
101 Bridges Collapsed 2
46 Schools Destroyed 2
69% of Crops Destroyed 3
Homeless - Hungry – Stranded

After 6 months of drought Ghana has experienced it’s worst flooding in modern times. 700,000 homeless. Whole villages under water. Hundreds are isolated by the flood waters, destroyed bridges and damaged roads. 69% of the crops have been destroyed. The three northern regions have been declared an official disaster zone. Severe food shortages are already being experienced and a major famine is in the near future. With hunger comes malnutrition and disease. The children and elderly face the greatest risk. We are currently in the process of raising funds for flood relief—food, medical supplies, as well as basic necessities are desperately needed. At present we can purchase most of these items in-country. Soon though local supplies will be depleted, prices will go up and many things will have to be imported.

We are asking everyone who hears this appeal to donate at least $25 toward the flood relief – enough to feed one family. $250 will purchase food for 10 families, or help buy much needed medicines to treat cholera and malaria. $2,500 will allow us to build a shelter in a community that later could be used as a church building. Your prayers and financial support not only will provide food, medicine and shelter – it will send a message to everyone in the region that the churches of Christ care.

In whatever way you can help, we want to thank you for your compassionate response. If you cannot support us at this time we ask that you continue to pray for the people of Ghana and ask your congregations to do so also. This relief effort will be under the oversight of the Venice eldership. All of the relief work will be done through local churches of Christ and faithful members of the church in the affected areas.

Donations should be sent to:
GHANA FLOOD RELIEF • Church of Christ of Venice • 4301 SR 776 • Venice, FL 34293